Will Rock English Review

Will Rock

Producător: Saber Interactive

Distribuitor: Ubisoft

Platforme: PC

Gen: Shooter

Pagina Oficială: Vizitează

Data de lansare: 6 iunie 2003

The two Doom games not only rewrote the FPS genre because of their atmosphere and multiplayer but they have created a sub-genre characterized, as someone said, by the expression „find the key, kill the boss”. This concept was implemented lately in the Serious Sam series, first in March 2001 and then in January 2002. What’s interesting is that Will Rock, the newcomer in this genre, is not developed by Croteam but by the Russians from Saber Interactive. The title of the game is inspired by the name of the main character, Willford Rockwell, an archaeologist who, together with Professor Dr. Headstrong and his daughter Emma, is called in Greece to examine a mysterious temple. The braking of the code from the temple’s gates ends with Emma’s kidnapping by members of the Olympian Restauration Army who want to give Zeus a virgin as a gift. In the fire exchange Dr. Headstrong is killed, the fanatics escape inside the temple but the statue nearby brakes freeing the soul of Prometheus. As a reward he will become Will Rock’s ally in his fight to free the girl giving him three powers of the titans.

Will Rock Will Rock

As you can notice the story is quite simple. It is just a background made up to justify the action from Will Rock. A strong reason to say this is the intro which is in fact a succession of images, much like a comic, but which doesn’t manage to influence the player emotionally. The ending has the same style and the final words of the character are not that funny. Will Rock is a kind of a silent character, partially because during the game you will here just a few replies concerning his enemies and partially because there are no characters to interact with verbally. On the other hand you can hear in the menus the well-known „I Wanna Rock” signed Twisted Sister and during the game the music can prove to be a tension increasing factor.

Will Rock Will Rock

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