War Front: Turning Point English Review

War Front: Turning Point

Producător: Digital Reality

Distribuitor: CDV

Platforme: PC

Gen: Strategy

Pagina Oficială: Vizitează

Data de lansare: 30 martie 2007

        "The first ‘Science-Fiction/World War II’ RTS title that combines resource gathering, army building, base construction and a full-fledged technology tree with an intuitive interface and accessible tactical combat in a style that will delight casual and veteran strategy gamers alike".
        This is the first phrase listed on the Features section of War Front: Turning Point’s webpage. While it may sound good for the marketing people who invested time, effort and money to promote the game, RTS fans may consider it almost a lie. Especially since I very much doubt that CDV and Digital Reality haven’t heard of a certain game released in 1996, known as Red Alert. And even if you haven’t played Westwood’s creation, a minimal documentation on the net will show you that both games have at least one thing in common: Europe is in the middle of World War 2, but one different from what we have come to know, since it takes places in an alternate reality.
        In both games, Hitler is assassinated, but in War Front: Turning Point, the story begins when the balance of power begins to shift towards the Western Allies. This is quickly “remedied” by the plans of the Soviet Union. To learn how this alternate WW2 ends, you’ll have to play both single-player campaigns, leading the Allies and the Germans – the Soviets are only available in multiplayer. The 22 missions (11 for each campaign) are filled with clichés: the tough and fearless hero who can’t take his eyes of beautiful women and jokes about everything, the sexy female companion who is seemingly unaffected by the protagonist’s flirtation… and of course the mysterious soviet assassin. Fortunately, the voices are spot-on and the humor is pretty good on occasion, everything being presented though in-game engine cut-scenes.
        Like any self-respecting RTS game, War Front offers a large variety of units, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Also, each of the three factions has a super weapon, which if used at the right moment can turn the tide of a battle and turn certain defeat into a satisfying victory. Also, the game features heroes a la Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, who can benefit from upgrades which can boost the effectiveness of surrounding units. If a hero is killed in a fight, he can be resurrected at the base.
        You can also parachute troops in certain areas of the map or call in bombing runs. Tanks can level buildings and trees, literally paving the way for supporting infantry, while the enemy units can be captured is the right technology is researched. Moreover, the day / night cycle isn’t just for show off, as it influences the unit’s line of sight and the ability to call in bombing strikes. Take note that when it rains, the mini-radar becomes almost useless.
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  • Three distinct factions
  • The AI knows to exploit certain defense weaknesses
  • Spectacular graphics
  • Secret Orders multiplayer mode


  • Pathfinding problems
  • Infantry can't be crushed by tanks
  • Units die to quickly
  • The flame turrets are too powerful
  • The interface could have used some improvements
  • Limited zoom-out level
  • Significant framerate drop in first person mode
  • Few winning strategies

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