Infernal English Review


Producător: Metropolis Software

Distribuitor: Playlogic

Platforme: PC

Gen: Shooter

Pagina Oficială: Vizitează

Data de lansare: 23 februarie 2007

        Since the dawn of the games industry, almost all titles that were released put us in the shoes of the bad guys, sending us on a mission to eradicate evil – whether it was demons, aliens, mutants, Nazis and so on. Infernal on the other hand offers us the chance to let out our darkest desires and become truly evil, with the help of a few powers granted by the boys from down below. You will play as Ryan Lennox, a fallen angel who forced by circumstances becomes the right-hand man of none other than Lucifer himself. As a personal note, I must admit that Lennox’s personality suits his role in the game – killing members of the Church (more or less) seems to be like a second nature to him.
        At first glance, Infernal will surely seem an exceptional game; some of you might even ask themselves how they could not have heard about this title up until now. But after a short while everything clears up and you’ll find out that all the good aspects of the game are, unfortunately, very shallow. It becomes repetitive to such a degree that the little innovations introduced by the producers are exactly what drive it down. If the premise of the game is at least interesting, as far as gameplay is concerned, Infernal is a classic shooter. There are some puzzles here and there, but for the most part you’ll have to kill everything that moves. This means that as long as you find enemies you’re going the right way.

        The arsenal put to your disposal it’s pretty varied, from pistols and riffles to rocket launchers and flame throwing weapons. Off curse, besides this you will also find grenades or machine gun emplacements with infinite ammo and devastating attack. One thing to note is the fact that when you reload a weapon, you will lose all the ammo that was in that clip. A more realistic element I might say but something that mustn’t be ignored by the hardcore FPS players, who are used to reload their weapons as often as possible. If you can ignore this aspect, you can run out of ammunition very fast. Besides the classic kill everything you see routine, the game has a few puzzles to add some variety into the game. But with the exception of puzzles at the end of the levels, the rest are really simple and they resume to passing by a security point unnoticed or finding a way to the console that opens the next door.
        After joining the armies of Hell, Lennox also got a couple special powers, as an enlistment bonus: second sight, telekinesis and teleportation. However, these powers are more useful for solving puzzles than obliterating your enemies. With the help of second sight you can see the security cods needed to open a door or activate a console. With telekinesis you can free the road from different boxes and obstacles, or you can use it in the same manner to jump over a big wall. Teleportation only works for a few seconds, so it’s useful when, for example, you need to teleport yourself behind a camera to shutdown the security system. To use this special power Lennox needs mana, which you obtain when you sin. As expected, this involves a lot of killing.

Pagina: 1 2 3



  • Spectacular graphics
  • Good engine optimization


  • Gets repetitive rather quickly
  • Unbalanced difficulty throughout the game
  • No replay value
  • Special powers aren't too useful during combat

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