Homeworld 2 English Review

Homeworld 2

Producător: Relic Entertainment

Distribuitor: Sierra

Platforme: PC

Gen: Strategy

Pagina Oficială: Vizitează

Data de lansare: 16 septembrie 2003

Relic Entertainment is one of the few game companies that managed to set new standards with their first RTS game, a true revolution of the genre, being nominated “Game of the Year” in 1999. With outstanding graphics for its release date, intense space battles, with capital ships, bombers, frigates and destroyers, an excellent storyline and superb musical score, Homeworld took the gaming world by storm, winning the admiration of both the gaming and critic community. Four years later, after a long hard wait, despite its not so outstanding sales and rumors that the sequel had been cancelled by Sierra, Homeworld 2 has finally hit the store shelves. Moreover, with all the enthusiasm surrounding it, one question is on everybody’s mind: does it live up to its expectations?

Homeworld 2 Homeworld 2

Yes and no, because some aspects of the game have seen improvement, while others were neglected. First of, the storyline had to be as unique and original as the prequel’s. For those of you who do not know or have forgotten, the storyline in Homeworld revolved around the journey of the “exiles” of Hiigara, and they’re attempt to reclaim their world. For this purpose, they set out to build a Mothership, which would ferry their entire civilization across the vast reaches of the Universe. Of course, on the duration of their voyage, the exiles encountered the inevitable bad guys, called Taiidan, but managed in the end to drive them away and retake their home. Although lacking originality, the story was told using beautifully created 2D cinematics and in-game movies, created with the game’s 3D engine, which contributed a lot to the overall feeling. The voice acting was also superb, and with a musical score unlike any other, Homeworld left the player wanting more after the end of each mission, to see what new surprises were in store for him, and how the exiles saga ended. The story from Homeworld 2 doesn’t have a specific time frame, but all you need to know for start is that the Taiidan have united under the command of a Vaygr leader called Makaan and have also found the third Hyperspace Core, which gives them the ability for hyperspace travels, like the exiles. Your mission will be to lead the new Mothership, called the Pride of Hiigara, to the farthest reaches of space, in order to defeat Makaan and fulfill an ancient prophecy.

Homeworld 2 Homeworld 2

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