Enclave English Review


Producător: Starbreeze Studios

Distribuitor: Atari

Platforme: PC

Gen: Action

Pagina Oficială: Vizitează

Data de lansare: 11 martie 2003

Although I don’t think about buying a console in the near future, I must admit I’ve been many times jealous on Xbox, PS2 or Gamecube owners because of some games, which either were launched exclusively on one of them (Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance) or because the fact that the PC version is always postponed for later (Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance). It’s exactly the case of Enclave, a game launched on Xbox last summer, which recently attracted the attention of the PC owners because of the PC demo version from January.

Enclave Enclave

The ones who played Blade of Darkness, Rune or other similar titles will assimilate Enclave very quickly. Basically, the recipe is the same: it’s a medieval-fantasy world where the player must follow his path in a third-perspective and through beautiful 3D levels. On the other hand, the temporal difference between the above mentioned games and Enclave materialized not only in superior graphics but also in a few minor innovations concerning gameplay. Visually, Enclave looks extraordinary. Compared to the Xbox version, the textures are high-resolution ones, which add many details. A bright color palette, some real water because of the Pixel Shaders, environment mapping in the case of armors and blood stains, butterflies, the moon shining between the clouds on a windy weather, lots of vegetation, these are just some reasons to make you feel like actually being there. As these were not enough, the design of the levels, which by the way are not so big so you can learn them easily, is overwhelming because they are constructed on a vertical axis rather on a horizontal one. The immersion is a lot amplified by the excellent orchestral music which adds a lot of tension during fights and also by the voice acting where I must congratulate the narrators who, very fluently, uncover the storyline with the help of a book.

Enclave Enclave

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