As a free 3D fantasy MMORPG, Talisman Online provides worldwide players new impressive experience with 5 characteristic classes, eye-catching weapons & equipments, exciting scenarios and thousands of various kinds of challenging quests for a better gameplay and high value. Besides, good graphics with high-poly models and realistic beautiful game scene better enhance the fantasy atmosphere of a magic world.

In this game, all classes have their own distinct advantages and competitive skill features, so players' game experience will never be shadowed by any class. When they embark on journey, they will soon immerse in a series of brilliant magic, thrilling fights and challenging quests. The varieties of charming magic is one of the feature in Talisman Online. With character's level-up, more and more brilliant attack effects of long and short distance will be available accordingly.

In addition, not only the gorgeous spell effects draw players' attention, but also the absorbing flashy weapons and equipments do. The balanced awarding setting, unique Combination system, Enhancement, Reputation system and Competition avail the convenient flow of items and multi-ways of acquisition of valuable items. When players equip qualified weapons and equipments, their body will be surrounded by eye-catching visual effects, and this is a good way to gain good fame and attention. The more efforts players pay, the richer harvests they gain.

During the whole adventure, players will never feel lonely. Excellent interactive system can always excite player's passion and battle enthusiasm. Mature Guild & Team, original Competition mode, Reputation system and prestigious Weekly Guild War keep players be connected to others and maintain fellowship. The prosperous Guild system further ties the relationship between players with its independent Guild Demesne and Guild quests. Moreover, Competition system gives players the good channel to experience both PvP & PvE. Talisman Online album has witnessed so many collections of players growing together and the marvelous scene of fierce battles. .

In this game, one of the funny elements is little pet. The various cute Little Pets cannot only company master faithfully, but also improve theirs' comprehensive ability. Special loyal combat pet is player's good battle helper forever. And in exploring such a vast world, mounts can never be neglected. In Talisman Online, there are several kinds of characteristic mounts. And with the upgrade of combination, they are able to move faster and faster with a gradual bright cool appearance.

There is no cultural boundary in game, Talisman Online has witnessed players from all over the world and accumulated many loyal players, strong guild organizations and gained more and more attention. So, let's witness miracle together!


  • 5 classes with unique advantages and skill features.
  • Unique Combination system to upgrade weapons and equipments.
  • Balanced quest system with a wide variety of quests.
  • Scenarios are always the ideal places to loot advanced valuable items.
  • Strong interactive systems such as Team, Guild and Weekly Guild War.
  • Excellent ranking list of character, equipment's and guild to show status and glory.
  • PvP and PvE modes and respective battlegrounds with special rich rewards.
  • Different kinds of pets and mounts to improve players' comprehensive ability.
  • Auto-path system to direct characters to their destinations automatically.
  • Attractive visual effects when equipped weapon or equipments of qualified plus rank.
  • Re-select character's appearance is available.
  • Holiday celebrations with corresponding events, quests and rewards.

Talisman Online

Producător: Miracle Castle

Distribuitor: Miracle Castle

Platforme: PC


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