Played by over 4 million gamers worldwide, A3 combines the compelling story telling of love, loyalty, friendship and betrayal with beautiful graphics, massive immersive worlds, countless quests, powerful weapons and unique items. Add to the moving music soundtrack with songs featuring London, Russian Orchestras and K-Pop stars, A3 starts during the Golden Age with the evil "God Beings" launching their assault on the harmonious Spirits, Humans and Ancient Animals. As cunning monsters ruled the land where destruction and doom prevail, a group of legendary knights and mysterious warriors unite and embark on their long journey of survival and victory. The story of an epic massive multiplayer online role-playing fantasy, action and adventure game is about to unfold.

Character Class
There are 4 character classes in A3: Warrior, Holy Knight, Mage and Archer. Each class has their unique abilities and attributes such as spells, shues (pets) and ways of attack.

In-Game Features
Unique in-game features in A3:

  • Party & Support System
    Allow players to share loot and boosts experience gains when hunting. Support System allows a new player between the levels of 20 to 51 to seek the support of a higher level player, creating a "Mentor/Disciple" relationship.
  • Knighthood
    Known as the clan or guild system, players may form their own circle of knights to own castles by collecting taxes from town shops or even declaring war on other knighthoods.
  • Pet Shue
    Every player gets to own a shue which they may train and level up, giving the players added properties. There is even a shue breeder to breed higher level shues into super-shues!
  • Personal Shop
    Each player may set up their own shop anywhere in town at no extra cost to peddle their wares. You never know if your junk might be worth a fortune.
  • Item Crafting
    Upgrade your weapons or armor and imbue them with special attributes. Players can even craft a storage box to store the many crafting materials!
  • In-game Chat / Email
    Allow players to communicate with one another through whispers or party / knighthood chats. If the player is not online, simply leave a text mail and he’ll receive it the moment he logs into the game!
  • In-game personal storage box
    Having multiple characters in the same account, players may at times require passing items from one character to another. Just drop it into the personal storage box and log in as another character to obtain it!
  • Monsters Derby Race
    Want to buy that sweet bow you saw another player selling in town? Need to upgrade that armor you’ve been wearing for ages? You can now try your luck at the "Monster’s Derby Race"! You never know when lady luck is shining on you!
  • Lottery System
    Allow players to participate in a Lottery Draw. Players can bet on 5 numbers or select random numbers using the Quick Pick feature from 0 to 9.
  • Mercenary
    There is a range of Mercenaries for you to employ should you need some help training in more difficult areas. These Mercenaries will fight alongside you, training and leveling up with you. You can even upgrade the weapon and armor of your Mercenary!

There are also numerous quests available in A3. Players have a wider choice as to how they wish to train their characters, whether through random hunting in the vast world of maps or completing quests which also gives experience points and items as rewards. These quests are categorized into 2 major groups, the "Normal Quests" and the "Special Quests". There’s even an in-game movie after completing every special quest!


Producător: Actoz / AniPark

Distribuitor: Sify

Platforme: PC


Pagina Oficială: Vizitează

Data de lansare: 28 iulie 2006