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DesertCombat is a modification of the retail game Battlefield 1942. All new content related to the Desert Combat modification is developed & copyright by Trauma Studios ( ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Battlefield 1942 is published by Electronic Arts, Inc. ( and developed by DICE ( Release Notes Version 0.7 The DesertCombat team is pleased to annouce the seventh major public release of DesertCombat. We would like to thank our Beta team and fans for all the feedback. Public Beta 0.7 features a slew of bug fixes and additions aimed at creating on of the best war game experiances on the PC. In this stage of development each is roughly balanced with some minor advantages to each, making gameplay much more fun and exciting. 0.7 Public Release Weapons and Vehicles ** This is not the complete or final list, this is only what is available for the public Beta and more will follow in the next alpha release. ** 0.7 REQUIRES Battlefield 1942 version 1.6 or greater US Land • M1A1 Heavy Tank • M2A3 Light Tank • MLRS Mobile rocket truck • Humvee with a .50 cal machine gun and Supplies • Humvee with a Tow launcher • M163 Vulcan Mobile AntiAircraft • M-109 Mobile Artillery • Stryker Personel Carrier (Smoke grenades, .50Cal, Troop transport) Air • A-10 Thunderbolt II • F-16 • AH-64 Attack Helicopter • UH-60 Blackhawk Transport Helicopter (New Dual Miniguns) • Harrier • AV-8b • AV-8a • AV-8c • AV-8m • F-14 • F-15 • UH-60q • UH-60l • Littlebird • AH-6 (Miniguns and FFARs) • MH-6 (Transport) • OH-6 (Miniguns only) Sea • Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier • RHIB Hand Weapons • M16A2 Assault Rifle • M203 Grenade Laucher • Mp5 sub machine gun • M9 handgun • SMAW rocket launcher • M249 Machine Gun • M25 Sniper Rifle • C4 • Stinger • Smoke Grenades • Car-15 • Mk23 • SA-7 Anti Air rocket Misc. weapons • Maverick Missiles • AMRAAM missiles • Hellfire missiles • Hyrda missiles • MK83 large Bombs • SnakeEye Bombs • SCUD Rockets Stationary • CIWS AntiAircraft • SeaSparrow AntiAircraft IRAQ Land • T-72 Heay Tank • Shilka Mobile Antia • BDRM2-Spandrel (amphibious)ircraft • BDRM2 (amphibious) • BM21 Multiple launch rocket truck • M-1974 Amphibious Artillary • BMP-2 Amphibious Personel Carrier • Ural Personel Carrier • Smoke Grenades • Panstyr (Anti Aircaft Truck) • EE-9 Stationary • NVST Machine Gun • SA-3 Sam Site Air • Mig29 • SU-25 Ground Attack Plane • M124d Hind attack Helicopter • Mi8 Transport Helicopter • Mirage • Gazelle Helicopter • SA-342S: (Gazelle Helicopter) Supply depot; weapons and health • SA-342G: Two gun pods (currently fires minigun projectile) • SA-342H: 2 FFAR Pods (14 FFARs total) and 2 AT-2 (same as Hind, 2 mags) • SA-342L: 4 FFAR Pods (28 FFARs total; fires two FFARs at a time, slower rate of fire) • SA-342M: 4 AT-2 missiles (2 mags) • MD-500 • MH-500 Hand Weapons • AK-47 • Gp30 Grenade Laucnger • Browning Hipo Handgun • RPG7 • PKM Heavy Machine gun • Scorpion sub machine gun • Tabuk Sniper Rifle • C4 • Mortar • Skorpion sub machinegun • Stinger • PSS • VSS Maps DC Battle of Eastings DC Lost Village DC Al Khafji Docks Inshallah Valley – Flatline|44 DC Basrahs Edge DC Basrahs Nights DC No Fly Zone DC DesertShield (Conquest and Singple Player) DC Weapons Bunkers DC Medina Ridge DC Urban Siege DC Operation Bragg DC Sea Rigs Misc Minigun FX Avenger FX Artillery FX Cloud FX Armory Objects M-82 Case Stinger Case VSS Crate MP5 Case Know issues with the Beta .7 Optimization Since this mod is a work in progress, some optimizations have been made to the models for performance. You might experience a slight slowdown due to the fact that we haven’t done a full optimization pass yet. Balancing Currently the game feels balanced, but some things may destroy objects faster then they should, the game will continually balance out as the mod progresses. This goes for speed of vehicles, weapon damage and amount of ammo. Maps Only maps that display a small DC logo in them have DC vehicles. This is only temporary until new maps are created. Some new DC maps do not support single player yet, coming soon. If you find any bugs, please send them to Frank DeLise Trauma Studios President
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