Cuban-Ultima-Doom-Sword’s Custom Crysis Configs v1.31

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Cuban-Ultima-Doom-Sword’s Custom Crysis Configs [CCC] [Triple "C" Pack] VERSION 1.31 + Goodies

-For Final Retail Crysis and SP Demo

-For HELP or Comments + Suggestions, Bug Reporting, POST HERE:
This Download Contains:

-Cuban-Ultima-Doom-Sword’s Cutsom Crysis Configs "Release Version" v1.31
   >The Popular-by-demand Configs in autoexec.cfg + form, merged with the Group Config crew:
   >Split into the following two seperate versions for two specific Operating Systems and Direct-X rendering paths:
      -DX9 Windows XP/Vista
      -DX10 Windows Vista
   >Each OS Version has It’s OWN TWO Versions it is Split into:
      -Basic User Version Configs (with intergated cvar descriptions "Help Lines")
      -Advanced User Version Configs (without cvar descriptions "Help Lines")
   >Comprised of Five Seperate "Levels"(1-5) to better match Different Caliber Computer Systems:

-MADBORIS’s Command Variable (cvar) chart in Spreadsheet and Image Format.

FIRST give MAD props to MADBORIS with his cvar config charts he painstakingly made, cutting our testing and configuration time in half! His chart is included in this download (in Original Excel Spreadsheet format and Image Format)for quick and easy reference.

And for his ultimate Tweak Guide found HERE:

It’s the most comprehensive guide on the Internet made to teach newcomers and experts alike the ropes of tweaking Crysis to GAIN FPS and Image Quality! Giving you the tools and information so you can even customize THIS config to your personal preference!

Ok, Remember when you first played Crysis? And you wanted to see how it looked all maxed out on "HIGH". Only to realize that it slowed your frame rate down to unplayable levels and lagged you out… Forcing you to say goodbye to awesomeness "HIGH" or "VERYHIGH"settings to say hello to UGLY "LOW" settings, so the game would at least run SMOOTH?

Now you can have a bit from both worlds! Playable frame rates, AND beautiful Crysis graphics that made your eyes bleed from all the "total awesomeness".(lol) PLUS even some *HIDDEN* DX10 goodness NOT even available on stock "HIGH" which you may have never seen? These Configs I created will make your Regular/Original Stock "HIGH" setting look like nothing, and run at frame rates near stock "MEDIUM" and maybe even "LOW". You will never have to play on ingame stock "LOW/MEDIUM" ever again.

After 83+ hours of rigorous testing and configuration. The Triple C [CCC] Tweak version 1.31 project is complete and up for public release, and has been merged with "Ultima-Cuban-Sword-Lord Group-Config".
This Config Pack includes these special "Very High" only extras like:

-Advanced HDR [High Dynamic Range] Rendering
-Sun Shafts/Volumetric Light Beams
-Water God Rays(same as Sun Shafts, but underwater)
-Parallax Occlusion Mapping
-3D water + Enhanced Water physics fluid algorithm
-Enhanced DX10 Depth of Field
-Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
-Adnanced DX10 Color Grading Filter
-and Special Per-object Motion Blur

This Config Pack also includes *EXCLUSIVE* Graphical Extras:

-Texture Bump Mapping/Detail Textures on Mountains
-Custom/Realistic Ambient Terrain Occusiotn Solution
-Custom/Realistic Screen-Space Ambient Occusion Combination
-Custom/Realistic High Dynamic Range
-Custom Ultra-Sharp Shadow-Maps Algorithm
-Config Structure based on Specific "User-Defined" Operating System
-Config Structure based on Specific "User-Defined" Direct-X REndering Mode (DX9 or 10 GFX Cards)
-Configs including "Help Lines" (cvar Descriptions) for Beginner Users
-Bare-Bones configs for Advanced users

This package comes in 5 different levels of Cutsom-Tweaked configs with Specific PC Hardware Requirements:
HOW DO I PICK WHICH LVL TO USE? Here is how you pick(trial and error works too):
*you can switch the LVL config you want at any time just "Copy" and "Paste" it where it belongs.*

LVL-1 = VERY-LOW (For ‘Low-end’ PC.)   [CPU]x1    [RAM]1GB Min    [GPU]8600/8500 256MB and below.
LVL-2 = LOW (For ‘Slow’ Gaming-PC’s.)  [CPU]x2    [RAM]1GB        [GPU]8800GT 256-320MB, 7950Gt & up
LVL-3 = MEDIUM (For’Good’ Gaming-PC.)  [CPU]x2    [RAM]1GB & up   [GPU]8800GT/GTS [old]320-640MB
LVL-4 = HIGH (For ‘Great’ Gaming-PC.)  [CPU]x2-x4 [RAM]2GB & up   [GPU]8800GT/GTS [g92]512 & up
LVL-5 = VERYHIGH (Excellent Gaming PC.)[CPU]x2-4  [RAM]2GB-4 & up [GPU]8800GTx-Ultra & up.

*NOTE*For [GPU]’s, the equivalent or nearest match (performance-wise) using Last-Generation (7×00 Nvidia Series or ATi GFX Cards) Hardware is is also accepteble.

1. Start teh Installer, run through it and when its done…

2.Play the game, and ENJOY.

3 BUT BEFORE you get lost in all the Awesome Crysis Graphics and Smoother Framerates:

COME BACK to this Thread:(v1.3/v1.31 Support Thread):

And post your:

1. PC Specs
2. LVL-config used
3. Performance gained/lost (how much FPS)?
4. YourResolution + average min/max FPS with the Crysis GPU Benchmark.
     -from BEFORE 1.31
     -and AFTER 1.31
5. For Bugs/Glitch Reporting:
     -POst 2-3 Screenshots where teh Bug/Glitch Appear
     -With Specific Directions to where/when the bug/glitch occurs.
6. Any Comments or Suggestions!

* the above info is EXTREMELY USEFUL.*

-It allows ME and EVERYONE ELSE viewing this Thread to gain an idea of the average performance the v1.31 configs offers to a specific Hardware. Within the wide varieaty of PC Hardware the CCC users play with.

-Helps me determine how much further tweaking would be ideal for future installments of the CCC. Using the FPS/Resolution figures given by the CCC users.
Change Log & Bug Fixes
Version 1.31 ~ released 2/17/2008

    – NEW 1 more ALTERNATE "Ultra-REalistic" Custom Time of Day file; developed by Ultima. 2 Custom Configs total.
 – The "Beginner User" Config version are now removed due to comments instability, but:
 – The "Beginner User" Configs is now only ONE set included as a an extra, located in the "Goodies" folder.

    – The "Goodies" folder installed into your main Crysis directory now includes:
  ~ "Beginner User Config" (give descriptions of what certain lines do and these descriptions are in the .cfg itself.)
  ~ Cvar Charts by MADBORIS (in Excel spreadsheet & imamge format)
 – 1 new ALTERNATE Custom Time of Day file; developed by Ultima:
  ~ Unparalleled Realism and Playablity to Crysis never seen before.
  ~ Improved Night Time via new subtle "grain" effect.
  ~ More and IMPROVED Screen-Space-Ambient-Occlusion (SSAO) Effect
  ~ Completely Eliminated Gun/Arm Glow (SSAO side effect)
  ~ Enhanced Colorgrading Effect (when turned on)
  ~ More balanced Overall Visuals
 – Improved/Realistic ULTRA-SHARP Shadows Algorithm (for EVEN SHARPER shadows than before!)
 – LVLs 1-2 Framerates Stabilized (Optimized/Increased) Further. 5-10 FPS increase with low-spec PCs.

* [FIXED]:
 – Shadow Popping Bug
 – Vegetation Sprite Popping Bug
 – Per-Object MotionBlur LOD Glitch
 – Object/Building/Vegetation Quality Bug
 – Low Quality Distant Textures Glitch
 – Increased brightness in Relic Level, to counteract extreme darkness at Dusk.
Version 1.3 ~ released 2/5/2008

* Patch v1.1 compatible. Tested and configured to work together with Patch.
* Increased Overall performance.10-15 FPS! (3-7 FPS Increase OVER 1.2 w/MORE Graphical Goodness)with NO loss in Image-Quality (w/Patch).
* The Best Unparalleled FPS/Quality Ratio of ANY Custom  Crysis Config to date.
* LVLs 1-5 Framerates Stabilized (Optimized/Increased) Further.
    – NEW Specifically Detailed Config-LVL System Requirements.
    – NEW now in a convenient and easy-to-use  professionally made installer made by Arch.
    – NEW Includes the [url=]CryConfig Tool[/url] by the talented programmer Arch.
    – NEW Custom Time of Day file; has been through 50 versions; developed by Ultima.
    – There are now Specific DX9 and DX10 versions.
    – There are now Config in BOTH supported Versions(system.cfg and autoexec.cfg) for ALL levels.
    – NEW Levels 1-5 containing Beginner and Advanced versions.
        ~ The Beginner versions give descriptions of what certain lines do and these descriptions are in the .cfg itself.
        ~ The Advanced versions simply exclude this text.

    – Improved/Realistic Ambient Occlusion Solution.
    – Improved/Realistic Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion Solution
    – Improved/Realistic High Dynamic Range Solution.
    – Improved/Realistic Eye Adaptation Solution.
    – Improved/Realistic ULTRA-SHARP Shadows Algorithm(with MORE Performance!)

    – Overall Performance in Water/Ocean (Physics Calculation) [+1-3.5 FPS].
    – Dynamic-Decal CPU Threading Performance during Combat Situations [+0.5-1 FPS].
    – Stabilized Performance During Combat Situations [+0.5-2 FPS].
    – Stabilized Custom/Realistic SSAO Solution [+1.5-4 FPS].
    – Metal Objects Shader Tweaked Further [+1-1.5 FPS].
    – Shadow-Map Shader Tweaked Further [+0.5-2 FPS].
    – Increased Texture-Filtering Quality with Zero FPS loss.
    – Reduced Texture-Thrashing Occurrences Significantly.
    – Significant Performance Increase in Heavily-Vegetated Areas [+1-3 FPS].

* [FIXED]:
    – Over-Powering Extremely-Bright HDR.
    – HDR not rendering in LVLs 1 and 2.
    – Indoor Shadow-Map Glitches.
    – Outdoor Oscillating Shadow-Map Glitches.
    – NPC Flashlight Glitch.
    – Distant Boat-Trails Particles not rendering Glitch.
    – Boat-Trails have no clip (see-through) Bug.
    – Distant Nuke Particles not fully rendering in LVLs 1 & 2.
    – Floating Ground-Level Grass Textures Bug.
    – Flashing/Flickering Vegetation Bug.
    – "Orange Boxes" (wood objects) in/around red cars Bug. (w/Patch)
Version 1.2 ~ released 22-11-2007

    – NEW 5-LeveL Config Structure.
    – NEW Custom HDR Solution.
    – NEW Custom SSAO Solution.
    – NEW "True" Very High Extras.
          * DX10 Color Grading Filter.
          * Battle Dust
          * Real 3-D Water Physic Calculation.
   * Extremely-Sharp Shadows Shader.

    – Physics Calculation of 3d-Water.
    – Particles Rendering CPU Threads.
    – Vegetation LODs further.
    – Water Shaders/Reflections and Physics.
    – Motion Blur.
    – Depth of Field.
    – Terrain-Level Textures.
    – Increased Water Reflections Update Rate Significantly

    – CPu management of particles.
    – GPU management of Physics.
    – Detail Textures on Far-Away Cliff and Mountains.
    – Shadow-Map Quality Shader

Config Authors : Cuban_Legend

Thanks to:
All the fans and supporters, this would be nothing wihtout you guys!

Special Thanks to:
MadBoris (cvar chart)
Arch (Grade-A Program Installation coder)


Download Cuban-Ultima-Doom-Sword’s Custom Crysis Configs v1.31

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Data de lansare: 16 noiembrie 2007